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    A Government Linked NGO

    National Fire Prevention Committee (NFPC)


  • Vision

      That all people in Malaysia are fully aware of the importance of fire prevention and safety, and apply best practice in their daily lives.
  • Mission

      To provide knowledge on fire safety and preventive measures in order to save lives. To preserve physical and mental well being of the people, and to protect property, thereby making Malaysia a safer environment for living
  • Mission Statements


     In order to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision FIPCOM shall; 

    • Work closely with Fire & Rescue Department Malaysia of Ministry of Housing and Local Government and other relevant authorities in strategic and smart partnership to continuously update and improve the fire safety knowledge.
    • Achieve fire prevention and safety through education
    • Nurture an environment of fire safety awareness
    • Instill a fire safety culture in all walks of life
  • Community Programs

    Fire Prevention Council Malaysia better known as FIPCOM is a Government linked NGO which was formed on 26 July 2007 under the Association Act 1966.
    FIPCOM plays an important role in coordinating and executing fire prevention activities throughout the country jointly with the Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia and others NGOs and private sectors with similar interests.

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  • Zero-Fire Community

    What does Zero-Fire Incident mean?
    Zero-Fire in home means achieving zero fire incidents in a home everyday within a time frame (365 days) and celebrating the success. Zero-fire is a self-help (self-monitoring, similar to ISO standards) fire safety program, by the people for the community, and is a win-win strategy which is realistic, achievable and can be practiced by all.

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