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  • Raising fire safety awareness in Malaysia

  • SMALL steps can save lives. And for fire prevention, it doesn’t take much effort or money.

    For as little as RM50, you can equip your home with a smoke detector and prevent the loss of precious lives and valuables.
    PADANG BESAR: Fires can cause great destruction, from material losses to deaths and injuries.

    In Malaysia, fire safety awareness is still low among the public.

    Therefore, there is a dire need to educate the public on the dangers of even a small fire and how to face a real life fire situation.

    This includes teaching them the basic steps of controlling a fire and the importance of a fire extinguisher.

    This is because a fire extinguisher is the easiest and most effective way to control a fire from spreading into a bigger one.


    Knowing the basic steps to take when a fire breaks out is vital, said Perlis Fire and Rescue Department Senior Fire Superintendent Mohd Salahuddin Isa.

    “Each time there is a fire, we find that many do not know what to do to stop the fire from worsening,” he admitted after closing a career and fire safety course with the media and the launch of Bomba Komuniti here recently.

    Mohd Salahuddin who is also the deputy director of the Perlis Fire Department added that acting fast to stop the fire from spreading and could help save lives and thwart a bigger tragedy.

    “It’s important to keep in mind that a small uncontained fire can spread in seconds, so while waiting for firemen to arrive think of a way at least how to contain the fire.

    “In the meantime, stay calm and don’t panic. Some people end up forgetting to call the fire station and there are even those who do not have the number of the nearest fire station,” he pointed out.


    It is even more dangerous when the public adhere to the common belief that all fires can be put out using water.

    He pointed this public perception is wrong and any attempt to put out the fire should first identify the source of the fire, whether it was caused by fuel, solids or gas.

    “If the fire was caused by fuel, using water to extinguish the fire will only complicate the situation because it could aggravate the fire. Sadly, this often happens.

    “Besides water, one should also think of covering the fire using a rag as this would help stop oxygen from fueling the fire,” said Mohd Salahuddin.

    If the public can practice this and keep a fire extinguisher on standby, the fire can be contained and prevented from getting out of hand, he added.


    Mohd Salahuddin reminded the public to avoid open fires, especially during the current hot and dry season.

    “Fires easily break out during the dry spell, so if you must make a fire then monitor it and make sure it’s done in a safe place,” he said.

    Since January, Perlis has recorded a total of 187 fires.

    “From January until Feb 17, 85 fires were reported with an average of five cases per day involving losses of RM546,825 and with assets valued RM399,900 saved from fire,” he added.

    In general, the number of fires in most parts of Malaysia spike during the hot season, he said.


    The formation voluntary fire fighting services (Bomba Komuniti) is a proactive move towards assisting the Perlis Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) in addressing the lack of fire safety awareness.

    “This team is closer to the community and often approaches the community with brochures, advice and imparting the basic knowledge in handling fires,” he explained.

    In Perlis, JBPM is committed in ensuring Bomba Komuniti is able to function well to its optimum and so far there are 36 teams statewide, including participation from the Perlis Media Club as new members of Bomba Komuniti, he added.

    “We also encourage Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) or any other organisation to join Bomba Komuniti and attend a basic fire fighting course,” said Mohd Salahuddin.

    Bomba Komuniti, a JBPM initiative, was launched in 2014 to increase public awareness on fire safety. – Bernama


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