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    National Fire Prevention Committee (NFPC)

  • Fire-safety focus for hospitals

  • TO BETTER ensure fire-safety management in hospitals, the State Fire and Safety Department will focus on eight general hospitals in Perak that are more than 50 years old.

    This comes after the recent fire at Hospital Bahagia in Ulu Kinta, Ipoh, and the fiery tragedy that claimed six lives at the Sultan Aminah Hospital in Johor, last October.

    State Fire and Safety Department Director Datuk Yahaya Madis said the eight hospitals are the Batu Gajah Hospital, Tapah Hospital, Gerik Hospital, Parit Buntar Hospital, Kuala Kangsar Hospital, Kampar Hospital, Taiping Hospital and Hospital Bahagia in Ulu Kinta.

    “Emphasis is being given to these facilities to ensure that they have sufficient fire safety equipment in good condition and well-planned escape routes.

    Yahaya said this is in tandem with the establishment of the Fire Safety Audit Team by the Health Ministry as a proactive effort to increase the level of fire safety management in hospitals.

    Speaking on another matter, Yahaya said the department is prepared to provide round-the-clock rescue and assistance in the event of road accidents on the expressways as the Chinese New Year holidays are approaching.

    “As with previous years, the usual accident hotspots are near the Menora Tunnel, Slim River, Gua Tempurung and the Changkat Jering exit to Taiping.

    “Another area of highway we will focus on is the Gerik-Jeli stretch of the East-West Highway.

    “We will pay more attention to these areas so that we can offer assistance prompty should accidents occur,” said Yahaya.

    Earlier in his speech, he said the department recorded a 30% increase in emergency calls for Perak, last year.

    “We received a total of 10,796 emergency calls in comparison with 7,518 calls in 2015. Of th figure for last year, 6,479 were fire incidents, while 4,234 were calls for rescues. Another 76 calls involved special cases,” he said.

    Yahaya said eight people died in fires last year, and a loss of RM262mil was recorded.

    “An estimated RM1.6bil of property and possessions were successfully recovered by the department.

    “As for road accidents, we recorded 293 cases on city roads, which is more than the 238 cases we received on the North-South Expressway,” he said.

    Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/01/21/firesafety-focus-for-hospitals-fire-department-to-focus-on-eight-older-facilities-in-state-to-improv/#WiRLqmIPoTZGlpWs.99