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    National Fire Prevention Committee (NFPC)

  • 9-9-9 EMERGENCY

  • What is 999?

    999 is a Malaysian government initiative to unite Malaysia's emergency numbers into a central number for easy access, namely 999. Under the direction and direction of the government, emergency agencies will carry out their respective core duties as security enforcement bodies (Police) , Fire Prevention Body (Fire & Rescue Department), medical service (hospital) and humanitarian & rescue service for Malaysians (Civil Defense Department).

    Prior to the union of 999, Malaysia had a number of emergency numbers ranging from 991, 992, 993, 994, 999 and 112 for mobile emergency numbers. 

    How To Call the Fire Brigade in the Event of a Fire:-

    Begin by dialing 999 with the closest functioning telephone / mobile phone and wait for the Emergency Operator to engage you. Inform the Emergency Operator on the nature of the emergency and state the type of emergency service(s) required. If it is a fire, inform the Emergency Operator of the address / location of the emergency. Continue by describing the type of fire involved (house fire, forest fire, building fire, car fire, etc.). Leave the Emergency Operator your name and the contact number of the phone that you are using. DO NOT use the same phone for any other purpose throughout the emergency, in case the Emergency Operator needs to get back to you for more information. If a Public Pay Phone is used, stays put or have someone stay put at the phone so that it will be attended to if the Emergency Operator calls back.